Update INTRO Festival

foto corona

The Coronavirus influences the organization of the INTRO Festival Den Bosch as well. However, we still believe that the festival will be organized October 3 at the start of the schoolyear.

New location

As you probably already heard we found a new location for our beautiful festival: Festival grounds Sportiom! The festival will be accessible for students of Avans University, HAS, Fontys Den Bosch, Helicon, JADS and KW1C. Big plus for the new festival grounds is the big capacity so we can house everyone.

E-ticket & acces

As usual, the festival will be free of charge but you have to bring your ID and matching personal E-ticket to get access. In May this year, all students will receive an invitation by mail with a registration link. Register and you are there!

The festival is open to all students of all study years. 

We will keep you informed about the developments regarding the INTRO Festival Den Bosch during the next period.

Stay safe!
Stay positive!