together for stichting wensambulance

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Every year, the INTRO Festival works together with a charity. Just as last year we will be raising funds for Stichting WensAmbulance Brabant. Stichting WensAmbulance Brabant transports people from Brabant and adjacent regions who do not have a long period to live. Every person has his own last wish, which WensAmbulance Brabant realises for hundreds of terminally sick people who need adjusted transport and accompaniment for their last wish.

Stichting WensAmbulance Brabant will be present on Wednesday 15th of May during our Battle of the DJ’s. All proceedings of the sale of lottery tickets for the audience prize will be donated towards Stichting WensAmbulance Brabant. Additionally, WensAmbulance Brabant will be present during the INTRO Festival on the 29th of August!

Do you want to know more of WensAmbulance Brabant, take a look on their website or check this video.