Battle winners interview

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It has been a while, the Battle of the DJ’s which took place on the 15th of May at the Willem Twee Poppodium. After a night full of energetic battles, two winners have been chosen. Kylian Gieles known as DJ Trovão won the price of the jury whereas Maikel Julian won the audience over. After a busy period, we are looking back with Kylian and Maikel on this crazy night. 

Kylian experienced the night as full of surprises. First of all, he was not even selected to Battle, he entered the competition due to a fall out of another Wildcard participant. This made it possible for Kylian to join the Battle of the DJ’s! 

‘’It did not really feel like a competition, we were just a few music nerds together, who like to DJ’’ said Kylian Gieles. Winner of the Battle of the DJ’s. 

Kylian felt a little bit of tension and his goal was to win and he achieved that goal! After a night full of waiting, it was finally his turn. Kylian entered the stage and knew how to get the audience on his side. Kylian was happy with his 20 minute set, and his happiness only grew bigger when he heard that he won the jury price! The price included playing a set on the Studance | Gin Tonic Editie!, but above all he won a place on the mainstage of the INTRO Festival Den Bosch on the 29th of August. 

Next to the jury price, there was an audience price to win! This year Julian van Beek, known as Maikel Julian, took the price home with him. Julian, student at the KWIC, was just like Kylian part of the Wildcard competition!

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 ‘’I did not expect that I would even participate with the Battle of the DJ’s, or even win the audience price’’, said Julian van Beek.

 Even though the unexpected happened, Julian is busy with preparing a playlist with possible music for the INTRO Festival. With more than one music genre, Julian will entertain the audience of the Studance Stage on the 29th of August.

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